Compact bench tube furnace

Compact bench tube furnace is available as split, nonsplit, vertical and horizontal models.
We design on board microprocessor control as user-friend keypad to perform any kinds of dynamic and ISO term temperature segments.

Stainless Steel Endclosure Caps

Stainless Steel Endclosure Caps, used on hydrostatic internal pressure. the most important design on this kinds of caps would be simple and reliable assemble.


     –Stainless steel guarantee long term usage with 160 bar pressure

     –The special simple venting valve

     –User friendly assembly

     –Range of size : 16-16- mm (Pipe diameters)


-Black and silver color

-۰٫۰۵ mm vernier scale

-Made from INOX

-Range:15-1100 mm

Spico Water Test Bath

Spico Water Test Bath be equipped with hydrostatic pressure unit to perform tests on pipes and fittings.

This unit was made to be able work on high temperature(Max.95 C) during long-term property.

Control system would be done form airless unit so user have complete control on the test tank as well as check and record the temperature during the test time.

SPICO Airless Pressure

SPICO Airless Pressure was born to perform as one of the most important
test on thermoplastic pipes, hydrostatic and burst pressure test. Modular design be innovated possibility to supply any number of stations in future easily with customer self, as we can improve Max. 16 separated station in same cabinet.
Long time experience corporate best quality of usage parts give advantage, long service life.

SPICO CNC machine

SPICO CNC machine was designed a table-top unit to make sample type being applied tensile, bending and impact test for plastic material according to customer standards.
This machine supplied with special clamps to keep samples that be defined in software so user just need to put samples inside clamps and select suitable shape form.
Customer’s advantage get maximum thickness sample up to ۱۰۰mm.

SPICO copy milling machine

SPICO copy milling machine is especially developed for the shaping of plastic samples for Tensile tests, and other kinds of elongation tests.
Our intention was to produce a machine which can be used with the minimum of skill and training. The result is an extremely simple to operate unit. The machine consists of solid base frame with a 2 axis linear movement milling top. A template is mounted on the machine which provides the profile for the sample. Operator control is via an integrated panel at the front of the machine.
A suitable template should be installed in the machine which provides the profile for the sample, these can be supplied to all dumbbell sample standard.
The sample is secured to the turntable using a support bar located with 2 nuts. The depth of cut can be adjusted and the max. Depth of the rough pass milling depth is 8mm. The actual milling depth can be set using the dial gauge.

SPICO Oil Bath

SPICO Oil Bath equipped with a digital temperature controller, heater and a PT-100 platinum resistance thermometer accurately maintains the test temperature. To ensure temperature stability within the bath stirrer motor system is fitted.
The bath is fitted with a stainless sample rack which holds glass test tubes.

ESCR Accessories according to ASTM

ESCR Accessories according to ASTM

 Stainless steel sample holder
 Punch and die set for samples
 Notch device for preparing the samples
 Bending clamp for bending the samples
into a U shape
 Sample transfer tool
 ۱۰ glass transfer tool
 Eggypal (1Lit.)

The HDT/Vicat

The HDT/Vicat apparatus allows for multiple simultaneous testing of sample depending on the amount of test stations available. The simple manually operated raise and lower function of the test stations ensure easy access to the test sample support for sample loading and retrieval and after each test.
Each test station is fitted with a PT100 platinum resistance thermometer and separated one to control temperature. We design on board microprocessor with Seven inch touch screen provide simple screen to enter parameters and get result and Curve of Data recording for each station base on Temp. VS Time, penetration (Deflection) VS Time and penetration VS Temp.

Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)

Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) is a technique which can measure the temperature difference and temperature relationship between the sample and the reference material in the process control temperature. Differential thermal analysis curves can describe the relationship of the temperature difference T changes with the temperature or time between the sample and the reference material. During the DTA experiment ,the sample temperature changes due to the endothermic or exothermic effect of the phase transition or reaction. Such as, phase transition, melting, crystalline structure transition, boiling, sublimation and evaporation, dehydrogenation, cleavage reaction or decomposition reaction, oxidation or reduction reaction, the destruction of lattice structure and the other chemical reaction.

Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)

Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)is designed to determine the inner heat transition relating to temperature and heat flow, it is widely used in the field of polymer development, performance testing & quality control. DSC research and development includes the following field: glass transition temperature ,melting point, cold crystallization, crystallization, phase transition, oxidation induction time (OIT).
Temperature control be done with heating and cooling to ensure accurate temperature control.
DSC Software on windows operating system inform facilities to calibrate temperature and sensitivity, perform various temperature segments, record and analyzes Test Result.


Our MFR (MFI) tester were made, as we found all our customers need an unit with best quality material to get advantage high accuracy of result in long term usage.
According to method A of standard ISO1133, we guarantee the accurate temperature distribution and constancy in heating channel, the reproducibility of result is always secured.


  • Different useful accessories be supplied
  • user friend cutting system

SPICO one column

SPICO one column is a powerful, flexible and Cost-effective testing solution. All Facilities we can find in Tensile Machine, Make this unit to be used for test on Plastic, Elastomers, Paper, Board, Textiles, Foams and Food stuffs.

SPICO Test software give possibility to perform:

Tensile, Compression, Bending, Fatigue, Creep, Tear, Peel, Load Rate, Spring, User define test according to the international standard

SPICO Twin column

SPICO Twin column universal testing machine are use in all industries worldwide for materials testing, product testing, quality control and R&D application.

Control System Utilizes in two

Integral PC System running SPICO Test with nineteen inch Touch Screen Monitor.

Seven inch HMI Control Panel with running SPICO Test Software on Customer PC.


High efficiency and reversibility ball screw from HIWIN

High Accuracy load-cell from Revere

Delta servo motor with minimum Back-lash Gear box from Apex