3aSPICO copy milling machine is especially developed for the shaping of plastic samples for Tensile tests, and other kinds of elongation tests.
Our intention was to produce a machine which can be used with the minimum of skill and training. The result is an extremely simple to operate unit. The machine consists of solid base frame with a 2 axis linear movement milling top. A template is mounted on the machine which provides the profile for the sample. Operator control is via an integrated panel at the front of the machine.
A suitable template should be installed in the machine which provides the profile for the sample, these can be supplied to all dumbbell sample standard.
The sample is secured to the turntable using a support bar located with 2 nuts. The depth of cut can be adjusted and the max. Depth of the rough pass milling depth is 8mm. The actual milling depth can be set using the dial gauge.

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